University of London BSc Business Administration

Beginner | Graduate Degree | Management

Goal: To Get a Job or Advance Career | Salary: ₹6-8 lakh | Graduate Degree | High School Pass & Qualifying Test | Taught by University of London Faculty | Duration: 3-6 Years

The BSc Business Administration degree from University of London’s Royal Holloway School of Business and Management provides you a platform to develop the essential knowledge and skills required to succeed in today’s business environment. You will develop the ability to analyse real-life business problems and devise effective solutions.

The course is open to all and starts twice per year in April and October.

The course is open to anyone aged 17 years or older on the registration deadline date. If English is not your first language, the school may ask you to complete an English language proficiency test.

You will have to complete the Degree Programme Application Form and provide the necessary entry requirement documentation.

What You’ll Learn

  • Develop an understanding of the organisation, its functions, and the context of business leading to a multifaceted appreciation of marketing and other management disciplines
  • Explore the strategic and operational processes management uses to secure and maintain competitive advantage
  • Examine the emergence of the global economy and multinational firms, using various theoretical approaches (economic management, international relations and geo-political)
  • Choose one of two pathways, the general pathway and the specialist pathway in Human Resource Management

What You’ll Earn

  • ₹6-8 lakh per year is the average salary for a BSc Business Administration graduate in India (Source:
  • $58,000+ per year is the average salary for a BSc Business Administration graduate in the US (Source:


The BSc Business Administration degree provides a foundation for advanced and independent study through establishing a common platform of essential knowledge and skills.

The school offers a range of themes to ensure that students understand the diverse, interdisciplinary nature of business administration and marketing and gain or reinforce a range of conceptual, technical, quantitative and personal skills.

You will develop the ability to analyse real-life problems facing businesses and develop effective solutions to them.

You can opt between one of two pathways into the bachelor’s degree programme:

  • General Pathway: Consists of four compulsory modules in Stage One, followed by a blend of compulsory and optional modules in Stage Two and Three, which cover a range of key Business Administration and global business topics
  • Specialist Pathway in Human Resource Management: Dedicated to those looking to explore and further their understanding of contemporary Human Resource Management practices and organisational behaviour, on an international scale

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Institution: University of London
Platform: Coursera
Cost: ₹14 lakh
Certificate: Graduate Degree
Duration: 3-6 Years
Level: Beginner
Language: English
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