BITS Pilani BSc Computer Science

Beginner | Graduate Degree | Computer Science

Goal: To Build a Career | Salary: ₹10-20 lakh | Graduate Degree | High School Pass (with or without science) | Taught by BITS Pilani Faculty | Duration: 3-6 Years

A BSc Computer Science degree from BITS Pilani, one of the world’s leading engineering institutions, this online degree course paves the way for an exciting and rewarding career. The course is open to all but starts only twice a year in January and July. The application deadline is September for the January cohort and April for the July cohort.

The course is open to all high school pass students with or without science background. BITS needs to assess the candidate’s mathematical proficiency before they approve the application. You either need to have 60% in maths in your class 12 exams or pass an online mathematics qualifier exam (list of topics and recommended free online study resources are provided).

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about core systems including Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Computer Networks and build Systems Software
  • Apply software development principles to build full stack applications, and leverage structured, unstructured or semi-structured data for your applications
  • Understand theoretical Computer Science and algorithm design techniques to solve problems
  • Build necessary technical and interpersonal skills that enable collaboration in a business setting

What You’ll Earn

  • ₹10-20 lakh per year is the average beginner salary for a BITS Pilani BSc Computer Science graduate in India (Source:,
  • $90,000+ per year is the median salary for a Computer Science graduate in the US (Source:

Note: The Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP) arm of BITS Pilani has delivered solid career outcomes via online education for over 1,00,000 professionals in the past 40+ years.


BITS Pilani is a Tier 1 university in IT and engineering and you can enhance your hire-ability, expand your career opportunities across academia and industry, and prepare for success in roles such as Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Full-stack Developer, Systems Engineer and more.

This completely online degree can be completed in 3-6 years. You will access both live and recorded lectures, benefit from opportunities to get your programme questions answered, and engage in online examinations as you learn at your own pace.

You will have an option to exit with a diploma at the end of Year Two, a bachelor’s degree at the end of Year Three or opt for an additional year to earn an honours degree at the end of Year Four.

You will join a global community of learners who share your career goals and enjoy multiple avenues to interact, collaborate, and network with your peers both in and outside the classroom.

In this degree course, you will:

  • Gain hands-on experience and develop in-demand technical skills like Machine Learning, Data Structures, Algorithms, Human-Computer Interaction, and Web and App Development
  • Problem-solving concepts and programming logic via coding languages like C, Java, SQL, Python, HTML and CSS
  • Specialise in one of the four tracks: Full Stack Application Development, Computing Systems and Systems Programming, Databases and Data Analytics, and Algorithmics and Theoretical Computer Science
  • Workplace skills such as leadership, problem-solving and communication

Session Details

  • Each academic year has two semesters
  • Each semester duration is 22 to 26 weeks (5 to 6 months)
  • Each Semester will have 6 courses (except for the final semester)
  • You will have the flexibility to complete the programme in up to six years

Class Profile

  • Average age: 24 years
  • Youngest student: 15 years; Eldest student: 64 years
  • Students from 25 countries
  • 38% of students are working professionals, pursuing full-time jobs at companies like Adobe, Walmart, GE, Red Hat and Amazon

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Institution: BITS PIlani
Platform: Coursera
Cost: ₹3.1 lakh
Certificate: Graduate Degree
Duration: 3-6 Years
Level: Beginner
Language: English
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