IBM Data Analytics with Excel and R Professional Certificate

Beginner | Certificate | Data Science

Goal: To Get a Job or Earn US College Credits | Salary: ₹4-7 lakh | Professional Certificate | No Degree or Prior Experience Needed | Taught by IBM Staff | Duration: 3 Months

A job-oriented 9-course series that helps you gain key skills in Excel, Cognos Analytics, and R programming language. Created by IBM staff, the course helps you learn practical and job-ready skills in 3 months or less besides earning professional credentials from IBM.

What You’ll Learn

  • Master the most up-to-date practical skills and knowledge data analysts use in their daily roles
  • Learn how to perform data analysis, including data preparation, statistical analysis, and predictive modelling using R, R Studio, and Jupyter
  • Utilize Excel spreadsheets to perform a variety of data analysis tasks like data wrangling, using pivot tables, data mining, & creating charts
  • Communicate your data findings using various data visualization techniques including, charts, plots & interactive dashboards with Cognos and R Shiny

What You’ll Earn

  • ₹4-7 lakh per year is the average beginner salary for a Data Analytics professional in India (Source:,,
  • $90,000+ per year is the median salary for a Data Analytics professional in the US (Source: Lightcast™ US Job Postings)


This 9-course program helps you prepare for the in-demand field of data analytics. You learn high valued skills like Excel, Cognos Analytics, and R programming language and get job-ready in less than 3 months, with no prior experience or degree needed.

The program adopts a practical, strategy-based approach to teaching the processes of data collection, preparation, analysis, visualisation, and reporting, leaving you poised for success in entry-level data analytics roles.

You will learn the latest skills and tools used by professional data analysts and upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to work with Excel spreadsheets, Jupyter Notebooks, and R Studio to analyse data and create visualizations.

You will also use the R programming language to complete the entire data analysis process,  including data preparation, statistical analysis, data visualization, predictive modelling and creating interactive dashboards.

Finally, you will learn how to communicate your data findings and prepare a summary report.

This program is ACE® recommended—when you complete, you can earn up to 15 college credits if you are pursuing a US college degree.

Applied Learning Project

In this Professional Certificate program, you will complete hands-on projects to build your portfolio and gain practical experience with Excel, Cognos Analytics, SQL, and the R programing language and related libraries for data science, including Tidyverse, Tidymodels, R Shiny, ggplot2, Leaflet, and rvest.

Here are the projects you will complete:

  • Analysing fleet vehicle inventory data using pivot tables
  • Using key performance indicator (KPI) data from car sales to create an interactive dashboard
  • Identifying patterns in countries’ COVID-19 testing data rates using R
  • Using SQL with the RODBC R package to analyse foreign grain markets
  • Creating linear and polynomial regression models and comparing them with weather station data to predict precipitation
  • Using the R Shiny package to create a dashboard that examines trends in census data
  • Using hypothesis testing and predictive modelling skills to build an interactive dashboard with the R Shiny package and a dynamic Leaflet map widget to investigate how weather affects bike-sharing demand

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Institution: IBM
Platform: Coursera
Cost: From ~₹4,500/mth
Certificate: Professional Cert.
Duration: 3 months
Level: Beginner
Language: English
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