Full Stack Software Development Bootcamp

Beginner | Certificate | Software Dev

Goal: Job-Guaranteed Course | Salary: ₹4-8 lakh | Professional Certificate | Graduate or Final Year Student; Tech Background Helps | Taught by Industry Experts | Duration: 6 Months

A 6-month full stack software development bootcamp with job guarantee from upGrad in collaboration with Golden Gate University. The program sets you up for roles such as UI Developer, Frontend Developer, Full Stack Developer, Frontend Developer, and Backend Developer, among others.

The program covers fundamental topics in software development including Frontend Development, Data Structures, Backend Development, and Testing and Deployment.

What You’ll Learn

  • How programming languages and computer programs work, and how to build programming logic using Pseudocode
  • Source code management using Git and GitHub
  • How to build user interfaces and web pages with HTML5, CSS3 and React
  • How to work with various data structures using JavaScript
  • Discover Node.js to build command-line tools, web servers and APIs. Work with Express to build Node.js applications
  • Learn about operations, data aggregation pipelines with the MongoDB database engine

What You’ll Earn

  • ₹4-8 lakh per year is the average beginner salary for a Full Stack Software Developer in India (Source: ambitionbox.com, glassdoor.co.in, in.indeed.com)
  • $114,000+ per year is the median salary for a Full Stack Software Developer in the US (Source: Lightcast™ US Job Postings)


The program teaches you the fundamentals of full stack software development from instructors working in top product companies and become job ready in 6 months.

It comes with an immersive learning platform that helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your tech skills through coding on CloudLabs.

The program has an outcome driven pedagogy that ensures you get career coaching including mock interviews, CV, LinkedIn, Github and soft skills training, to get better job opportunities.

On completion, you get a certificate from Golden Gate University and upGrad.

This is a result-oriented program and this means it is mandatory for students to attend lectures as per defined program schedule. Moreover, they are required to maintain 80% attendance for all live deliverables such as lectures and mentorship calls.

The course covers the following modules:

  • Frontend Development
  • Data Structures
  • Backend Development
  • Testing and Deployment

Dual Fees Options

The course comes with dual fee options. You can either pay ₹85k+GST upfront or pay ₹48k upfront and then pay 8% of your CTC on getting a job.

The second option looks safer but it should be kept in mind that even a ₹5 lakh CTC means you will end up paying ₹88k for the program (₹48k upfront and 8% of ₹5 lakh which is ₹40k add up to ₹80k). Since full stack developer salaries are much higher than ₹5 lakh CTC (upGrad mentions ₹12 lakh), it may be a smarter bet to pay ₹85k upfront using the EMI options available on upGrad if you are serious about the course.

Eligibility Criteria

You need to be a graduate or final year student, preferably with a tech background. However, even if you do not have a tech background, a little bit of time and effort will help you to easily complete the program.

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Institution: Golden Gate University
Platform: upGrad
Cost: ₹48k+8% CTC or ₹85k
Certificate: Professional Cert.
Duration: 6 months
Level: Beginner
Language: English
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